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"Creative evil geniuses." “Overnight they created a name, set a launch strategy, and helped build a culture that still resonates with customers today.” — Naomi Climer former president Ci Media Cloud and first woman president of IET

"Turn-key CMO." “Outstanding CMO capabilities with a passion for developing creative marketing strategies, roadmaps, and brand identities for my startup companies.” — John Vickery Start Up Entrepreneur and Advisor and secret international piano playing maestro

"A pulse on the industry." “Understands the evolving media landscape and creatively tells a story that stands out in the industry.” — Guy Finley Founder MESA Alliance and master of media and entertainment industry trends

"Out of the box." “Produces innovative story angles and looks outside the box to find opportunities on media channels that resonate with the right audience.” — Dave Shapton Editor Red Shark Media and insanely intelligent media tech guru

"Critical start up resource." "New messaging, website concepts, go-to-market strategies and fun to work with. Love that we have an entire marketing capabilities ecosystem in one partner." — Adam Kramer CEO and Founder of Throne VIP nightlife game changing app and Taco Bell addict


We are an Ingenyis machine of clever storytellers, creative prodigies, and inventive mad scientists that will channel every experience and resource to build new brands, bring products to market, create buzz, and find rabid fan bases.

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